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Study for the Direct Link North proposal began over 20 years ago with the intention of averting the economic consequences of building a Channel Tunnel linked only to the southeast corner of Britain. The overstretched nature of the existing national transport network ruled out all simple solutions and it was not until the nation’s transport needs as a whole were included, along with the original objective, that a fully satisfactory and comprehensive solution emerged.

Two summaries of the full study are available here as well as a study of Airport Access.

Transport in Britain and the Direct Link North – summary proposals orginally prepared in the late 1980s and revised up to 2003 (Word Document).

Transport in London and the South East and the Direck Link North – published 2003 (Word Document).

A Study of Airport Access and the Role of Rail in an Intregrated Transport System for Britain - published November 2006 (Word Document).

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