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Chunnel rail link example was on the wrong track

Chunnel rail link example was on the wrong track
From Mr U.Keith Gerry,
published in Financial Times, Nov 21, 2003

Sir, The very expensive Channel Rail Link (CTRL) is no basis for projecting the cost of a high-speed rail system for Britain. Eight hundred new route miles would be needed to satisfy Britain’s principal transport requirements, which are headed by the need to get excessive traffice off the roads, not out of the air. The average cost per mile, allowing for difficult paths into Scotland and South Wales and including separate tracks for fast freight, is half the £74m per mile quote by Michael Woods (Letters, November 19) for the two CTRL tracks.

When complete the CTRL will erase the shame of the orginal route into Waterloo but will have no perceptible effect on Britain’s transport needs.

If money can be found for a face-saving exercise it can certainly be raised for an effective and rewarding modern rail system.

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